sanghamitra Degree College

The absolute is male the personal, female. And thus it comes that we now say :
"The first manifestation of God is the hand that rocks the Cradle".
-Swamy sanghamitra

  • We have a complete solution for your Grauation
  • We included best faculty to help for there better education
  • We included best lab facility for them to have a practical experience
  • We made a good environment around the campus, so
    everyone can consentrate on there studies
  • We give them best Support for qualty education

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  • I have found many times to Give up, I have found many shots, I have found lost games, I have failed over and over again and again in my life and that is why I succeed…, One thing I learnt rarely on my career is that personal GRATIFICATION takes second place where ENDEAVOR first. sanghamitra DEGREE COLLEGE is always the place in side where theirs joy and the joy will burn out the pain in career.We at sanghamitra Degree College, affiliated to Osmania University are creating a blend of the two and offering it at affordable prices to the students

    Shri.R.Rajeshwar Reddy M.Sc (Maths)
  • In the twilight Zone of life's National average, if iam asked "what is my drive to be centenarian batsman" My answer is, "In the inning I have played so far, I was bowled, caught behind LBW, Run out and all that, yet I played the game for my living, the drive was not survival but seeking 'Knowledge', for myself, for my society and for my nation. On medium which I understood for acquisition and distribution of knowledge is GRADUATION our nation needs graduation of value, today more than any other time in history.

    Dr.K.Naresh (M.A.,Ph.D) correspondent
  • Smt. Lavanya Naresh,Director, always articulate that our present Education System isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches Young People how to make a Living but doesn’s teach them how to make a Life… System is increasingly embracing a Black-and-White way of thinking, in which Learning and Play are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED. So, the true purpose of Education is to make Minds, not Careers… Presiding sanghamitra DEGREE COLLEGE throw in the Powerfull Weapons which are used to change the world.
    “Making A student Is Making A Society Implies World”

    Smt.Lavanya Naresh M.Sc(Bio-Tech)
  • sanghamitra Degree College has carved a niche for itself over a period of two decades. Our relentless effort in imparting quality education through participatory teaching methodologies and pedagogical tools helped in chiseling personality of students.sanghamitra is not just an educational institution, it is a commitment, a commitment towards building a new generation of smart and capable individuals ? the custodians of the future.The graduation Education has its price, it is inevitable but it should be based on value too.

    Shri S N Meeravali garu Principal